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Tov Chiropractic


Meaning of “TOV”

TOV, is a Hebrew word used in the book of Genesis. It means “good”, “beautiful”, “working the way it was created to”. At TOV Chiropractic we believe in the body’s innate ability to heal from the inside out, the way it was created to do so. Our bodies are capable of so much, as long as we take care of them.

Mission Statement 

Our mission at TOV Chiropractic is to give Mankato, and the surrounding areas, the truest and most dependable source of healthcare. We want to serve our community through neurologically based chiropractic care, allowing individuals to heal from the inside out. Our desire is to help individuals and families reach their full health potential so they can function the way God intended.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a community that can live free of their health concerns, and find a freedom that allows them to live life to their fullest potential.


Our goal at TOV Chiropractic is to educate individuals on a more natural approach to health care. We want people to know they have options when it comes to making decisions in regards to their health and the health of their family. At TOV Chiropractic it is our desire to make this generation healthier than the generations before them through Neurologically-Based Chiropractic care.



Psychic Medium, Kaya White


I am Kaya, the founder of Living Luminously since 2014. I encourage those to step into the possibility of change and adopt new ways of viewing their reality as a limitless possibility. 

I am a conduit for messages from your Higher Self, Guides, Angels,

and even at times your passed-on loved ones.  I refer to all of them

as your Light Entourage and support.

My abilities include Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairsentience (feeling), Clairaudient (hearing), Clairempathy (emotion), and some 

Mediumship. I have also practiced some Healing and Energy Work.

The majority of my time spent in the Metaphysical world is doing Channelings or Readings private individual and groups. I am

also a ordained minister with the ability to perform weddings.

I have always had a strong inner knowing since I was a child.

I often struggled with fitting in and felt alone or left out around

others. I always felt different. I was often told that I was "too sensitive"

about everything. I wondered what it was that I was feeling and

seeing that others were not.  I feared judgement and with that I

pushed away my abilities and gifts and tried to continue on with

a "normal" life by keeping my experiences to myself in my young adulthood.

As I grew more mature I began to surround myself with other

intuitives and like-minded individuals who encouraged me to

utilize my gifts. Thankfully I was lead by profound life changing

Mentors. I began to spend time in nature and allowed myself to

surrender and be vulnerable, even if that meant completely

emotional at times. I found the voice of my Guides and watched

as my whole world shifted along with my thoughts and views of

how I perceived things. Finally the unconditional love we all

search for moved as conduit through and around me. I now know

what being "sensitive" truly means and have asked for full

integration of that into my True Authentic Self.

My intent is to continue to assist others in their awakening process

and shed Light on questions that they may have on their journey.

I encourage everyone in knowing they are not alone in their

experiences no matter how unbelievable things may seem.

I believe we all have the ability to tap into our inner knowing.

We are just to remember our unique way of doing so. Put full

trust in Spirit and the Universe, then watch the raw beauty unfold

right before your eyes. You can manifest your own reality, your

own life and what lies ahead.

Simply, be the Light you dream of.

Living life Luminously -Kaya







Natural Healing

Natural Healing Candles, Oils, Sage, Books, Salt Lamps & Music~ Finding the right book is easy, these books have been hand selected for the Expo, featuring topics on Life after Death, Angels, Ascension, Science & Spirituality, New Age, Crystals, Chakras, and more.  From Mother Nature, Himalayan Salt Lamps, produces negative ions that are good for you, and is a renewable resource.   100% Pure Palm wax Candles to work on your Chakras, with essential oil, sweet grass. sage, banners, elixirs, tapestries, jewelry, crystals,  & more. Native Tools for metaphysical work. Florida water, stones, tapestries, Pendulums, Orgonite, Organic Lotions, Elixirs, and Colliodal Silver





If Just for Today, Relax

Vibration Sound Therapy: 
A relaxation technique that uses the subtle vibration of singing bowls placed directly on the body. The gentle sounds and vibrations of the bowls take you beyond regular relaxation and stimulates healing. VST is known to calm the mind, reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve circulation and breathing. It also alleviates aches and pains, strengthens the immune system and improves the mood of the client.
Reiki (AKA) Healing Touch: 
Reiki is a healing technique where the practitioner channels healing energy to the client to activate natural healing and restores physical and emotional well being. Reiki benefits everyone who experiences it. While Reiki can not promise to cure, it can relieve pain, speed healing, relax the client and balance their energy.
If Just for Today, Relax LLC
Diane Goossen
  Phone Number:  507-338-8738

A New Beginning

Let Cody and Matt bring you back into alignment with your divine blueprint using REIKI healing energy.

Cody was introduced to Reiki and spiritually based healing in 2014 and was instantly intrigued by this sacred healing technique. He began seeking out resources to learn more about Reiki and natural healing which motivated him to become a Reiki Master in 2015. This reawakened many different spiritual gifts for Cody, which led him into his current role as a Spiritual Healer and Teacher, Psychic, and Divine Channel. Cody has a strong connection with Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters, and serves as a channel for these higher light beings. Cody also works with the Christ Consciousness energy to help others raise their vibrational frequency, allowing one to get back into alignment with their divine life blueprint. Cody helps others recognize their true soul essence, and works as a guide to others to help them achieve their full potential.





Celestolite- Skin Care



Celestolite is a prestige skin care brand that offers its customers a true ‘star’ experience. Each Celestolite collection is specially formulated with signature ingredient: powdered meteorite. Pamper your face with luxurious formulas that help renew a healthy glow. Celestolite is honored to part of your beauty and self care routine.



Meteorites have fascinated mankind for centuries, and today scientists and laypersons alike are still intrigued by these celestial gifts to Earth. Researchers have found that calcium, magnesium, and many other minerals make up the composition of meteorites. Due to its mineral-rich composition, meteorite powder has been found to be extremely beneficial to the skin when applied topically.

To achieve optimal results, skin needs more than just minerals alone. That’s why we’ve taken nature’s most effective botanicals and paired them with scientifically proven ingredients. This has allowed us to create product lines that target the most common skin issues while preventing future signs of aging.

You are an individual- shouldn’t your skin care be too? Pamper your face with luxurious formulas that help renew a healthy glow. Celestolite is honored to part of your beauty and self care routine. Our goal is to make it easier than ever to reach for the stars.








American manufacturing companies are known for having a long history of adhering to the highest standards of quality and reliability. Saladmaster, along with our parent company Regal Ware, is proud to be part of this legacy. Together, we bring more than a century of quality American craftsmanship and manufacturing experience to our premium stainless steel cooking system. And it's backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so you can enjoy your cookware for decades.


Better Nutrition

The Saladmaster waterless cooking method allows you to cook without the need to add and drain-off water. This maintains the optimal amount of vitamins and nutrients in your foods while also protecting the natural flavor of ingredients. A study from the University of Wisconsin Department of Food Science demonstrates that food cooked in Saladmaster retains up to 93% of its nutrients.

Retains up to 93% of your foods’ nutrients.


Faster Cooking

Our Vapo-Valve™ technology and semi-vacuum cooking method makes cooking more efficient and precise. When the temperature exceeds the optimal cooking temperature, the built-in Vapo-Valve clicks, letting you know it’s time to reduce the heat to avoid overcooking. Our cooking method also substantially reduces cooking time – so you can get out of the kitchen faster to enjoy your food.

Enjoy the Flavor Without the Fat

Because there’s no need to add butter, oil or excess fat to flavor your food, your favorite recipes can be made healthier without sacrificing the taste you love. Our Vapo-Valve creates a semi-vacuum cooking environment that locks in moisture and maintains food's natural flavor.

Pouring is Clean & Easy

Cooking can sometimes get a little messy. But the wide, dripless pouring edge designed into each piece of Saladmaster cookware makes pouring liquids much easier – so you don’t waste a drop.







Divine Healing Heart Ministry



We offer you complete authentic, holistic and ethical services for healing Mind, Body & Spirit and for cleansing your home, property, office and life!! All done through identifying & rectifying blockages & imbalances, personal/ residential cleansing/ detoxing, spiritual/ life coaching, master reiki healing & classes, spiritual surgery, reconnective healing, shamanic & animal guides, crystal healing, body talk & karmic release, theta healing, quantum physics, dowsing, intuitive knowings, clairvoyance, nutritional coaching and other multiple modalities are used. In addition we do oracle card, channeled medium messages, angel messages and past life readings.




Young Living

Don't miss Scott's  Essential Oil Seminar Saturday at 4pm

& Sunday at 3pm! 


Young Living Essential Oils... The Leading Natural & Organic Medicine For Reversing Chronic Degenerative

Conditions & Restoring Emotional, Mental & Physical Health.

Presented By Scott Lindgren. 

Scott Lindgren has worked personally and professionally with Essential Oils for over 9 years with people and animals nationwide. Scott has participated and assisted many seminars on natural health across the nation.

Scott’s practical and no non-sense teaching style makes it easy for everyone to learn and understand how Essential Oils and natural medicine can simply be integrated into your daily life. Come and learn about natures medicine that other countries have been using for centuries in preventing and treating allergies, colds, flu, injuries, viruses and more serious health challenges.  





Indian Vedic Oracle


Vedic Oracle, Lali will use Ancient Vedic Teachings to do

Vedic Third Eye readings, Palmistry, & Numerology for you to discern your next moves...

Lali has trained with many Indian Masters in the Ancient Arts of Indian Vedic Divination. He has  worked with many famous personas such as Dr. John Gray,Martin Luther King Jr.III, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Jack Canfield, Loretta Swit , Marianne Williamson, Mariam Hemingway,  Doreen Virtue, Shiva Rea  Jill Lublin, Debbie, & CHER




Lakota Made LLC


Sustainably harvested wild plant medicinals & eco friendly personal care products.

Herbal Teas

Personal care products:
Shampoo Body Bars
Deodorant Bars
Lotion bars
Facial Bars

Lakota Made is a fundraising effort of the Mahkato Revitalization Project of Mankato Minnesota. The Mahkato Revitalization Project (MRP)which is a 501c3 non-profit that was created to teach cultural education and cultural preservation efforts. Through traditional medicinal practices, cultural educational presentations and make-n-take classes the mission is to bring Dakota and Lakota education opportunities to South Central Minnesota to combat racism, teach history and culture of the Dakota and Lakota Peoples and bring about entrepreneurial opportunities for Native American Young Adults and Youth.
The Mahkato Revitalization Project is just in its beginning stages so no website yet and fundraising to obtain a website, logo, and print materials. All funds received from salves, balms, syrups etc will go towards this effort.
All traditional medicines have been harvested by Megan L. Schnitker (Bull Bear) and her children who are learning the traditional medicines. Megan is an enrolled Sicangu Lakota of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe located in South Central South Dakota. Her father is hereditary Chief of the Kiyaksa Band of the Oglala Lakota’s Chief Bull Bear.

Reiki Master







David Thomas & Nicole Crosby

Nicole has been drawn to healing since 2003 when she began her own journey of self healing when medical doctors could not explain her painful joints & sub-acute joint swelling which made engaging in every day life a struggle.  Through diet, movement, crystals  & essential oils she began to discover self healing. These lead to her discover of energy work in 2012 & her reiki training began. She is now a certified reiki master & is grateful to bring reiki & energy work to others on their own path of discovery.

Nicole continues to use essential oils, crystals, movement & reiki to assist in her own personal spiritual growth & healing.

For sessions you can visit my facebook page Divine Source Energy & Reiki or contact me at 507-766-5800

David Thomas first started his interest and studies in Reiki and the Chakras in 2008. He received his Reiki Master/Teacher certificate in 2011.   He is a professional member of the International Center for Reiki Training. He is a certified teacher and practitioner in Usui / Holy Fire, as well as a Registered Karuna® Reiki  Master.

Reiki is a practice for stress reduction and relaxation that helps promote healing. It is based on the idea of life energy. Everything that is alive has life energy in it. When your life energy is high, you feel strong, healthy, balanced and happy. When the energy is low you feel weak and are less alert and more prone to make mistakes, feel less competent and get sick more easily. Reiki is a method of restoring one's life energy. You can do this either through a session or work on your own self-practice once you have learned how.

David is dedicated to providing compassionate care, and to mentoring students as qualified and caring practitioners who will contribute to the healing and welfare of all living beings.

David’s studio is in Belle Plaine, MN and he travels for his clients and students throughout the metro and surrounding area.

•  David does Chakra balancing, alignment and recharging the Chakra’s with a process called color fill.












Robert Baca-Psychic Medium


Robert Baca has been touring the country for the past years delivering messages of validation, inspiration and love. His ability of connecting with the “Other Side” was suppressed in his early childhood years.  After a life changing experience in 2000, he could no longer suppress the messages he was receiving from Spirit.

Robert has been a Guest Speaker at various events including: Conscious Children’s Network Conference at ASU (Arizona), University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Edge Life Expo’s in Minneapolis, Des Moines, Fargo, the Natural Healing Expo in Mankato, Santa Fe and Albuquerque. He has been featured in various newspapers and magazines, including international Fate Magazine.

What do your Aura Colors say about you?



Aura Photos~ Knowing your Aura colors is one of the most powerful tools in understanding your personality traits, relationships and for self discovery.  Getting to know this awesome tool can help you with positive personal growth, career choices and remarkable insight regarding your true life purpose. 

Our Digital Aura and Chakra Imaging System allows you to see your energy field displayed in color on a computer screen before your photo is captured and a report of the true meaning of your energy field is printed out.  In the multi-page report, you will learn about the specific color and energy frequencies in your Aura and what they say about you. Aura Photo – $25.

The Aura Photo option is a two page report that includes a beautiful photo of your personal energy field and the description of what your specific colors say about you and what you display to the world.  Aura Photo and Chakra Image – $40.

The Aura Photo and Chakra Image option is approximately 18 pages of detailed information about your Aura and each of your 7 energy wheels (Chakras) that reveal the levels of energy in which you bask.  This report shows the energy that you create, your personal power, your strengths and areas of weakness.  The interpretations of your energy field should provide insight into how you can become better balanced and generate excitement about who you really are.




Angels watch over you, providing strength and love when you need it most. I am a psychic using angel, fairy & golden tarot cards to help give peace, direction and build hope & faith for your future by mixing messages from your spirit guides, angels & fairies with mine.






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Aromatantra offers Aromatherapy oils and products fr SKIN, HAIR, WELLNESS, CHAKRA Anointments, Crystals & Wands, Books Posters, CD's and Ayurvedic attars like Rose Otto, JASMINE (the Love Potion), Blue, White, Pink LOTUS, Sandalwood etc. Also available are rare and exotic Crystals and gem stones in Jewelry like MOLDAVITES, Larimar, Pink Amethyst, Aqua Marine, Watermelon Tourmalines etc.



THe Bemer




Let the girls help you connect to your loved ones and guides who can help you find direction and motivation in your career, relationships and life.


Jorge Villanueva Castillo - The "Sol Fire Shaman"



Jorge Villanueva Castillo - The "Sol Fire Shaman"

Jorge is a gifted healer, powerful shaman, energy worker, channeler, mentor, and spiritual teacher.  He is not only a Mystic of the ages but also a loving family man and great friend to many.  His heart is always giving and his door is always open.  

Jorge was born into a lineage of Mayan shamanic healers in Progreso Yucatan Mexico.  At a very young age he began healing others through traditional shamanic methods and quickly developed a sense of the Spirit world.   He has always naturally experienced shifts in consciousness and could see energy, multiple dimensions, spirits, auras and disturbances inside the physical body.  As a medical intuitive, he found he could energetically shift the physical into the perfect ethereal body to bring about healing. Jorge also frequently works with Angels, Jesus, other Ascended Masters and light beings.

Through additional training over the years and spiritual intuitive guidance, Jorge now incorporates other modalities into his healing sessions, including Reike, Hands on Healing, Cranial Sacral, Quantum Touch, Crystal Healings, Healing of past and future lives, and Spiritual Surgery.  In recent years, he broke through another layer and was given the gift of bringing people to a zero point field where great transformation occurs.  This is called "dropping" as people will drop to the ground suddenly when they enter the zero point, the source energy.

Jorge feels called to share healing techniques and Divine teachings, as channeled from God and other higher sources, with those who are seeking to learn.  He leads regular meditations, classes and ceremonies for those interested.  

*Spirit Walkers Shamanic Healing offers powerful healings by Sol Fire Shaman Jorge Villanueva Castillo with a team of Healers & Shamans working on each person.


Don't Miss the  Shamanic Healing Circle @ 5:00pm Saturday Presented by Sol Fire Shaman & his Spirit Walkers. advance tickets:$20









Birch Tree Mendhi-Henna




Kayla Michaele- Psychic Medium

Psychic Gallery Saturday @2:45pm

Kayla Michaele is a talented Psychic, Medium, Teacher and Presenter in the Minneapolis and Twin Cities

area of Minnesota.  As a Psychic reader, Kayla’s direct and honest style allows clients to navigate through

the “fluff” and get down to the core issues or questions. “We get so inundated with extra ‘stuff’ and perceptions

that we often mask what our real issues or questions are,” she explains. “Once we realize our true desired

question, Spirit can then help us determine and go forward with our Soul’s higher purpose in any given situation.”

In her readings, Kayla dips into what she calls her ‘spiritual tool box’ and draws upon her psychic, empathic

and mediumship abilities to best serve her clients.  “Each client and situation is different,” she explains.

“When I meet with a client, the first thing I do is ask Spirit how to best communicate with this person. 

Just as some people learn through reading, talking or doing, some clients need me to tell them what

I ‘see’ or ‘feel.’ Others may need me to literally draw out the information that I am receiving.”

Every session is packed with useful and down-to-earth information.  Kayla points out that she has never

been known to “mince or sugarcoat” her words.  While her readings are straightforward and honest, the

information is delivered with understanding – and always with a dash of humor.  “Listen, if we can’t

find the littlest bit of humor in a situation or laugh at ourselves, we tend to become too serious and overwhelmed.”




Essential Love