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Saturday Nov 14

Dr. Ravi Ratan @ 12 Noon

Our lymphatic system regulates our health, immune system and eliminates toxins. While our mental and emotional state

affect us at subtle level and create Chakra imbalances. Specially emotional issues  cause Sacral, Heart  & Throat Chakras

imbalances leading to lymphatic blockages and health problems like  lower/ upper back pains, edema, menstrual imbalances,

thyroid issues, heart and breast problems etc. Dr. Ratan explains the lasting health benefits of emotional release and Chakra

balancing through Lymphatic Drainage.


Dr. Ravi Ratan is a clinical aromatherapist and healer, integrating Aromatherapy with Lymph Drainage & Chakra healing. He is the owner of "AROMATANTRA" a business engaged in production and marketing of Aromatherapy products for SKIN, HAIR & Wellness including Chakra anointments. He is also the  Author of “HANDBOOK OF AROMATHERAPY" and  “JOURNEY THROUGH CHAKRAS”. He offers personal healing sessions and conducts training programs. He can be contacted at




Keynote: Author, Cody Cooper @1pm

$25 Advance Tickets -$30 at the Door-

Includes Featured Book- signed by Author.

The Akashic Field: Finding Vibrational Resonance with your Soul. 
Imagine stepping into a higher dimension-- a higher plane of soul-level consciousness. In doing so,
you recognize that you have access to any and all universal truths in regards to your soul's journey,
throughout it's many, many lifetimes. You begin to download divine information directly from the true
vibrational field of light, known as the Akashic Records-- which are untainted by human thought and
emotion. This new level of light kick-starts your spiritual healing process, launching you deeper into
soul-level discovery as you venture through the infinite field of the Akasha. You begin to overflow with
a light so pure and natural, that you begin to reconnect with the true light of your own soul. As you are
immersed in this unconditional love, you shine brighter and brighter, creating ripples of pure ecstatic
joy that pierce the layers of your internal and external realities-- creating harmony and balance and a
true sense of liberation and freedom. Tune-in, as you are exactly where you need to be-- you are ready
to tap into the Akashic Records for soul-level healing and spiritual transformation.
Keynote Presentation 
Delve deeper into the Akashic Records for spiritual growth and transformation. Learn to tap into the
infinite field of light, known as the Akashic Records. By unlocking our Akashic Records, we begin to
move into alignment with our true selves— the part of us that is whole and complete in spiritual truth.
We begin to work with our Akashic Field, the energetic grids of light that holds our core beliefs, for
the purpose of becoming a conscious and deliberate co-creator here on Earth. 
Throughout this workshop we will utilize meditation, Higher Self connection, journaling/automatic
writing, and the help of your Angelic support team to dive deeper into the Records to elicit harmony
with our higher selves and the true light of our soul! 
Cody is a Reiki Master, Akashic Record Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, & Author. He is the owner of A New Beginning, LLC. Cody believes in
holding space for others, to elicit spiritual exploration and soul-level transformation. Cody’s work stems from a heart-centered approach to
healing— meaning that through love, and conscious and deliberate intention, all healing is possible. Cody is dedicated to helping others become
their best selves, finding vibrational resonance with the true light of their souls. 






Psychic Gallery 2:45pm

Kayla Michaele- Psychic Medium


Advance Tickets $20.

At the Door $25


Kayla Michaele is a talented Psychic, Medium, Teacher and Presenter in the Minneapolis and Twin Cities

area of Minnesota.  As a Psychic reader, Kayla’s direct and honest style allows clients to navigate through

the “fluff” and get down to the core issues or questions. “We get so inundated with extra ‘stuff’ and perceptions

that we often mask what our real issues or questions are,” she explains. “Once we realize our true desired

question, Spirit can then help us determine and go forward with our Soul’s higher purpose in any given situation.”

In her readings, Kayla dips into what she calls her ‘spiritual tool box’ and draws upon her psychic, empathic

and mediumship abilities to best serve her clients.  “Each client and situation is different,” she explains.

“When I meet with a client, the first thing I do is ask Spirit how to best communicate with this person. 

Just as some people learn through reading, talking or doing, some clients need me to tell them what

I ‘see’ or ‘feel.’ Others may need me to literally draw out the information that I am receiving.”

Every session is packed with useful and down-to-earth information.  Kayla points out that she has never

been known to “mince or sugarcoat” her words.  While her readings are straightforward and honest, the

information is delivered with understanding – and always with a dash of humor.  “Listen, if we can’t

find the littlest bit of humor in a situation or laugh at ourselves, we tend to become too serious and overwhelmed.”





Saturday, @ 4:00pm

Young Living Workshop




Saturday, @ 5:00pm

 Shamanic Healing Circle 

by Sol Fire Shaman,

Jorge Villeneuva Castillo


A Once in a Lifetime opportunity!

SolFire Shaman, Jorge Castillo-Villenueva Experience Drumming for a Vision/Meditation, Shamanic Healing Ceremony. Many Spiritwalkers and performers will assist.

$20 advance $25 at the door.

Tickets online@




THIS 2 HOUR EXPERIENCE WILL allow YOU to shift perceptions. You will leave the CEREMONY feeling spiritually cleansed, & emotionally empowered!

$20 advance $25 at the door.

Tickets online@






11 am Workshop- 



Psychic Medium, Kaya White


I am Kaya, the founder of Living Luminously since 2014. I encourage those to step into the possibility of change and adopt new ways of viewing their reality as a limitless possibility. 

I am a conduit for messages from your Higher Self, Guides, Angels,

and even at times your passed-on loved ones.  I refer to all of them

as your Light Entourage and support.

My abilities include Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairsentience (feeling), Clairaudient (hearing), Clairempathy (emotion), and some 

Mediumship. I have also practiced some Healing and Energy Work.

The majority of my time spent in the Metaphysical world is doing Channelings or Readings private individual and groups. I am

also a ordained minister with the ability to perform weddings.

I have always had a strong inner knowing since I was a child.

I often struggled with fitting in and felt alone or left out around

others. I always felt different. I was often told that I was "too sensitive"

about everything. I wondered what it was that I was feeling and

seeing that others were not.  I feared judgement and with that I

pushed away my abilities and gifts and tried to continue on with

a "normal" life by keeping my experiences to myself in my young adulthood.

As I grew more mature I began to surround myself with other

intuitives and like-minded individuals who encouraged me to

utilize my gifts. Thankfully I was lead by profound life changing

Mentors. I began to spend time in nature and allowed myself to

surrender and be vulnerable, even if that meant completely

emotional at times. I found the voice of my Guides and watched

as my whole world shifted along with my thoughts and views of

how I perceived things. Finally the unconditional love we all

search for moved as conduit through and around me. I now know

what being "sensitive" truly means and have asked for full

integration of that into my True Authentic Self.

My intent is to continue to assist others in their awakening process

and shed Light on questions that they may have on their journey.

I encourage everyone in knowing they are not alone in their

experiences no matter how unbelievable things may seem.

I believe we all have the ability to tap into our inner knowing.

We are just to remember our unique way of doing so. Put full

trust in Spirit and the Universe, then watch the raw beauty unfold

right before your eyes. You can manifest your own reality, your

own life and what lies ahead.

Simply, be the Light you dream of.

Living life Luminously -Kaya



Dr. Ravi Ratan@ Noon Sunday 


There is a hidden numerological pattern that serves as key for unlocking secrets of the Psyche. Each number is associated with particular planet that influences our life and Chakras. People having Birth or life number -1,

are ruled by planet SUN, which strengthens Solar Plexus Chakra and

makes these people very ambitious in life.   Similarly number 2 is ruled

by planet moon which influences our Sacral Chakra,which in turn

influences our emotional balance. Dr. Ratan explains how different 

numbers associated with various planets influence on our Chakras

and through that they influence our attitude and temperament in life.


About Dr. Ravi Ratan-

Dr. Ravi Ratan is a clinical aromatherapist and healer, integrating Aromatherapy with Lymph Drainage & Chakra healing. He is the

owner of "AROMATANTRA" a business engaged in production and

marketing of Aromatherapy products for SKIN, HAIR & Wellness

including Chakra anointments. He is also the  Author of


“JOURNEY THROUGH CHAKRAS”. He offers personal healing

sessions and conducts training programs. He can be contacted at







Sunday,  Nov 15 @ 1pm-Robert Baca 

Psychic Gallery


Voices From Heaven
Psychic Medium – Gifted Communicator


Advance Tickets:


Robert is available for in-person Private Readings, 
In-home Group Gatherings, Telephone Readings and Large Events

Robert Baca has been touring the country for the past years delivering messages of validation, inspiration and love. His ability of connecting with the “Other Side” was suppressed in his early childhood years.  After a life changing experience in 2000, he could no longer suppress the messages he was receiving from Spirit.

Robert has been a Guest Speaker at various events including: Conscious Children’s Network Conference at ASU (Arizona), University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Edge Life Expo’s in Minneapolis, Des Moines, Fargo, the Natural Healing Expo in Mankato, Santa Fe and Albuquerque. He has been featured in various newspapers and magazines, including international Fate Magazine.

Robert prides himself on the diversity of audiences that he touches. From blog talk, sports talk radio, “classic oldies” radio, hard rock format, culture enlightening, metaphysical and paranormal format. He has joined Larry (the Cotman) Cotlar on ESPN Radio, and award-winning John Busbee “The Culture Buzz”. Robert has brought his light to Dave Schrader on the ever-popular Darkness on the Edge in Minneapolis (KTALK). He has blown the airwaves in Albuquerque with hard rock station and the wild wacky crew at KZRR (I Heart Radio) and with Chaz Malibu (Big 98.5 classic rock).

In addition to communicating with those Loved Ones who have crossed over, Robert can foresee and share insight in present and future aspects of a person’s life, including: Career, Relationships, and Spiritual Development. He is known to be honest, blunt, and straightforward as he delivers messages as given by Spirit.

Quote from Robert “Continually, I am filled with gratitude to be able to help others to connect and communicate in this way. The spiritual world has been, and continues to be, a great teacher for both others and myself. Being involved with work keeps me connected to the Divine, and offers hope, validation, and appreciation through this important communication to the spiritual realm”.

TELEPHONE: 515.278.5033
Visit the Appearance page to see where Robert will be appearing LIVE!