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Celebrating our 17th Show~Our 9th year




      March  24-25  2018

Courtyard by Marriott Event Center

      Mankato, MN     




       Oct  6 - 7  2018

Best Western Event Center

       North Mankato, MN







Show Hours-    Saturday 10am to 6pm 

                            Sunday   10am to 4pm - 



Expo Admission:  $5  for 1 Day Pass    
                               $8 for Weekend Pass 

Workshops & Speakers are extra & not included in expo ticket price.  

For a full list of workshops and speakers- go to Our Speakers page.




New in 2018:

Saturday, May 19, 2018 @ Courtyard by Marriott-Mankato :10am-7pm

Big Galleries, Big Exclusive event that evening! 


Our Mission: 

Refresh your Body, Enlighten your Mind & Renew your Spirit


The Natural Healing Expo is a Holistic Conference  focused on sharing organic approaches to healing body, mind & spirit.

Presenting New Speakers and New Exhibitors!


This 2-day bi-annual event is an emporium of gifts, products and information to support holistic life — including health, ecology, community and a balance of mind, body and spirit. Over 40 exhibitors including health and wellness providers, Psychic Medium Keynote speakers, dozens of Workshops, many Intuitive consultants, Energy & Light Healers, Specialty gift products, Art, Jewelry, Spirituality resources, and more.

Bring your friends & family and together experience a weekend of uplifting Spiritual, Holistic, Healing approaches to living a better life.  Raise your conscience awareness to the possibilities, while having fun discovering who you really are!


 Natural Healing Expo's Spring Event is hosted at the Courtyard by Marriott-
905 Raintree Road, Mankato, MMN 56001  next to River Hills Mall   March 24 & 25, 2018
507-388-1234 Reservations








Natural Healing Expo's Fall Event is hosted at Southern Minnesota’s Newly Remodeled Best Western Oct 6 & 7, 2018-

Best Western Event Center

1111 Range Street
North Mankato, MN 56001

507-625-9333  Reservations:




This is the Premier Expo in the Mankato, MN Area providing you with back to back seminars, workshops, and gallery events along with over 40 exhibitors ranging from crystals, stones, geodes, natural beauty and nutritional products, organic skin care, jewelry, essential oils, crystals, music & books a well as intuitive, psychic readers, aura photos, energy & sound healing and more designed to bring Holistic Wellness into your life...

Nutrition, Aroma Therapy, Aura Photos, Organics, Natural Beauty, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Medical & Personal Psychic Readings, Art, Jewelry, Crystals, Stones, Herbs, Healing Sound & Energy, Music, Books & more!




This is a 2 day intensive conference with speakers and workshops all day, both days.

Topics include:   Make a Crystal Healing Grid, Twin Flame Unions,  What Color is your Aura?  Healing with Essential Oils, Shamanic Healing Circle, Vedic Oracle Readings, Reiki Healing 101, Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing Meditation,  Soul Travel  & more.




The Psychic Medium Keynote speakers, will put on Gallery Events that will astound believers and critics alike, helping people who have lost loved ones find peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are still there on the other side.  Much laughter and tears are experienced by all attending these events.


Saturday Night LIVE- 7:00pm-Tibetan Sound Healing.
Experience the mystical magical harmonics of sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls.
The Transformational Performance of Frank DiCristina,
These vibrations have the harmonic resonance to energetically bring your body back into
alignment with it's higher blueprint.
An out of this world experience-
Bring a yoga mat, blanket and/or pillow for comfort.  
$25 Advance Tickets @
$30 at the door.
Don't wait, we sold out our last 4 shows.

   Get a "Gong Bath" !







March 24, Saturday 1pm Keynote Speaker:

Liz Potter-Spirit Medium, Intuitive Healer

Psychic Gallery

This is a reading intensive, group event. Members of the Gallery will receive messages from Spirit. No one guaranteed a reading or a message. Ticket holders must be 18 years of age or older.
I have been given the gift of being able to communicate with loved ones who have passed away and crossed to the other side. I'm able to hear messages from Spirit. I'm able to see images that they give me to help understand and interpret their messages. I'm able to feel physically some things they may have felt. I'm able to sense energies or experience an all knowing feeling.
Please see for more information.



March 25, Sunday 1pm Keynote Speaker:

Kim Weaver-  Evidential Medium & Channel

Psychic Gallery


Channeling The Banded Warriors of Light & Unity of One


Tickets online@ 

 $30 at the door or $25 @ Ticketbud online.


In 2011 I began writing and recording various Asended Masters messages through automatic writings.  In 2012, I was introduced to The Banded Warriors of Light and later The Unity of One.  Both groups are a collective consciousness bringing forth esoteric wisdom from beyond the veil.

I have studied under many well known mediums.  I have completed studies with Martin Twycross from the United Kingdom.  In 2014 I was accepted into the mentorship program offered to a select few each year by Mavis Patilla, an internationally renowned medium who studied under Gordon Higginson from the United Kingdom.  Mr. Higginson is known as the most knowledgeable and inspirational medium of the 20th Century in the United Kingdom.  Mavis Patilla in her own right has demonstrated the art of mediumship for 40 plus years throughout the world. 

     I cannot stress enough how eager your loved ones are to validate they are still around even though you cannot see them.  As a evidential medium I believe my role is to bridge the two worlds together so that healing, joy and peace can be achieved in both worlds.  I believe those in Spirit are in need of healing as well as those left behind.  Many times they leave unexpectedly and were unable to give a last message to those left behind.  Upon their passing there is a life review process.  It is at that time they become aware of how their existence touched others in life.  It is also during this process they become painfully aware of their mistakes as well as their accomplishments.  I cannot even begin to express how excited your loved ones are to finally get to speak with you.  I help them and you complete the call.  This is only possible through the power of LOVE.  There is no other energy stronger or more powerful than LOVE.  The love you feel for one another cannot be explained in the words I type.  It is an energy like none other. 
    I have dedicated my life as a Evidential Medium, Psychic, Speaker and Trans Medium of esoteric wisdom and knowledge.  I am passionate about each person finding their own inner light and recognizing the power they truly have in molding and creating their destiny.  I see my role as a direct channel who assists you in connecting with those in Spirit who love you and help guide you on your path.  I am honored to be blessed with the gifts I have been given in order to help both worlds.  I wish you peace, joy and happiness as you continue your journey.  Namaste!  I Honor the Divine in You!

$25 advance tickets.

$30 at the door.








2018 Expo Dates

March 24 & 25, 2018

                     Oct 6 & 7,  2018



















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